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How to Read Torflex Articulation Dimensions

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Note: Dimensions shown here are for example only: Refer to specific Torflex Axle Page for correct dimensions.

  1. How high do I set the fenders

    Look at the 0 drawing: The 2.2 is distance from center of spindle to top of bracket. The .1 is how far arm moves bracket for 'Full Load'.

    2.2 To top bracket
    +.1From top bracket to 'Full Load'
    2.3 Travel from 'No Load' to 'Full Load'

    Fenders should be located 5.7 above tires when 'No Load' (2.3 + 3.00 DEX REQ).

  2. What is 'Shock Load'

    'Shock Load' 1.6 is how far arm travels above the top of bracket. The distance the arm moves from 'Full Load' to 'Shock Load' is the difference of 1.5.

    1.6 Distance arm moves from 'Full Load' to 'Shock Load'
    -.1Full Load Dimension
    1.5 Travel from 'Full Load' to 'Shock Load'
  3. What do the + marks on the curved broken line represent

    This line tells us how far forward the tire moves at each of the load points.

    Using the 0 drawing again: Notice the 6.0 distance from center of spindle to center of inner bar. When the arm travels up to 'Full Load', the tire is moved forward .4 . At 'Shock Load', the tire has moved forward 1.4 .

  4. When trailing arm starts at 22.5¦ or 45¦ down, the calculations are subtractions rather than addition.

    Look at 22.5 down drawing.

    'No Load' is 4.5 from top of bracket
    'Full Load' is 2.3 from top of bracket
    2.2 Travel from No Load to Full Load'

'Shock Load' is .4 above top of bracket, so the travel from 'Full Load' 2.3 to 'Shock Load' .4 is 2.7 .

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