September 23, 2014

Trailer Tip Tuesday - Bearing Inspection

One of the most effective bits of preventative service you can perform on your trailer to save yourself downtime and money is regular and proper bearing inspection. Bearings are inexpensive (approx 25.00 for a bearing kit for a 7000lb axle hub), and grease is inexpensive.

Always – change the races (cups) at the same time you replace the bearings (cones). A new bearing may not make proper surface contact with a worn race.

Inspection – Remove the Bearing – wash all or the grease from it using a suitable solvent, then dry it with a clean, lint free cloth. Do not attempt to blow grease from the bearing, or to dry it with compressed air – as damage may occur. Upon visual inspection – if any pitting, chipping, flaking or corrosion is present – the bearing and race must be replaced. Remember to inspect both the bearing and the race.

Replacing the race
  1. Place hub on a sturdy, flat bench or surface, with the race side down.
  2. Using a brass drift punch, carefully tap around the diameter of the small end.
  3. Clean the bore area thoroughly; replace the race by tapping it in with a brass drift punch.

Ensure that the race is seated all the way against the retaining shoulder in the hub.

Packing the bearing
Bearings should be inspected and lubricated (or replaced) every 12 months or 20,000 km.
  1. Place a quantity of grease in the palm of your hand (about the size of a walnut).
  2. Press a section of the widest end of the bearing into the outer edge of the grease pile closest to the thumb, forcing grease into the interior of the bearing.
  3. Repeat this method, while rotating the bearing from roller to roller.
  4. Continue method until the entire bearing is completely filled with grease.
  5. Before reinstalling, apply a light coating of grease one the race.

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