August 19, 2014

Trailer Tip Tuesday – What is National Trailer Parts?

Our Facebook Page following is growing rapidly – we are getting likes, being followed by new people from all over Canada, from all different walks of life.

Many people follow us for different reasons, to see new products, to read the (almost weekly) trailer tips, some to follow our staff.

The most common questions I get from Facebook followers are: “What exactly do you guys do”, and “Where are you located” and “What do you all carry”?

National Trailer Parts Warehouse is a warehouse distributor of parts for the manufacture, rebuilding and repair of transportation, commercial and recreational equipment. We are located in Swift Current Saskatchewan – putting us in the geographic heart of our customer base, and our suppliers.

Our largest customers manufacture trailers of all kinds, commercial equipment, farm equipment and recreational vehicles. We have a fleet of trucks that we use to deliver right to their factories on a scheduled basis.
We also have a network of customers that we call Stocking Dealers. These customers stock and resell our products to people who need to repair or rebuild their trailer or equipment. These Stocking Dealers are located across Western Canada. If you own a trailer – we have someone close to you that can help you with parts, and in many cases, service.
Finally – we love to help people just like you – the consumer. If you have any trouble with a trailer, you can contact us for help with diagnostics; and if we do not have a Stocking Dealer in your neighborhood, we will get you what you need directly.

National Trailer Parts offers the largest selection of components in Canada. “From coupler to tail lights” we like to say. You can view our selection on our website. If you want to view our catalogue directly – you can log in using the following-
Username: guest
Password: user

Our greatest assets; our “secret weapon”; is that we have the most experienced and most helpful staff in the industry. Our salespeople have been doing this for a long, long time. They have years of diagnosing and troubleshooting, working with manufacturers and repair shops, and collaborating with engineers both at our customers and our suppliers. If we can’t help you – we know someone who can.

I hope that gives you all a better idea of who we are, where we are, and what we do.
Visit us online , give us a call, or pop in and see us at NTPW World Headquarters.

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