December 18, 2017

Torflex Axles with Replaceable Spindle Option

Why replace an entire axle when you can just repair the spindles? One of the biggest problems trailer manufacturers face when using Torflex or Torsion axles is the high cost of repairing the entire axle in the event that a spindle is damaged. Dexter Axle has addressed this problem with the Replaceable Spindle!

The Replaceable Spindle is available on the most popular sizes of Torflex axles and can greatly reduce the repair cost by replacing a damaged spindle and not the entire axle beam. No special tools are required and the spindles are sized for the axle capacity, so your old hubs fit the replacement. Because the Replacement Spindle requires no measuring and only a single bolt to remove, the procedure is quick and easy!

Is The Replacement Spindle Right For You?

Regardless if you have one trailer or an entire fleet, the Dexter Axle Replacement Spindle can greatly reduce future repair costs. Here are some key features:

● Easy to replace with only one bolt to remove

● No special tools are required to replace the spindle

● Positive spindle location with “D” washer design for accurate brake flange location for brakes and E-Z Lube hole

● Positive depth location with clamping bolt and detent groove that requires no measuring

● Stainless steel clamping bolt and washer

● Spindles can replace either side so there’s no need to order a left hand or right hand side spindle

● Replacement spindles only fit Dexter Torflex axles with the removable spindle option

Replaceable Axle Spindle FAQ's

Can I add this feature to my existing axle?
The Replacement Spindle only fits Dexter Torflex axles with the removable spindle option.

Do I have to replace the hubs?
Only if they have been damaged, but bearing cones, cups and seals should be replaced.

Can the arm assembly be replaced?
No, it is welded in place.

Can I change to a larger size spindle?
No, each size spindle is made for a specific axle.

Can I change the axle starting angle?
The angle is not adjustable.

Will my old hubs fit my replacement spindle?
Yes, the new spindles are sized for the axle capacity.

Do I need special tools to change the spindle?
No, standard hand tools are all that is needed.

The threads are damaged in the arm, can I repair them?
Yes, try cleaning up the threads with a 1/2"-20 thread tapping die.

How long will it take to replace one spindle?
After hub or hub, drum & brake removal, roughly 15 minutes.

Interested in this product? Contact National Trailer Parts with any questions or to see if the Dexter Axle Replacement Spindle fits your needs.

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