October 26, 2018

Camper & RV Winterizing | Checklist & Winterization Products

T’is the season for camper and RV winterizing. At National Trailer Parts, we want to help you make the most out of your RV for years to come. This means taking good care of your RV with the right RV winterization products and steps to follow before you store it for the winter.

We’re not the only ones that want to stay warm this winter. Before locking up and parking your RV or camper, block any potential openings. For that extra level of protection, pest deterrents are available like the Valterra Sniff ‘n’ Stop® RV Kit. Free of dangerous chemicals, the kit includes pouches that you can place in susceptible areas. The pest deterrent kit also includes a spray to use in the summer to keep ants out.

2. Empty Any Liquids From Your Camper

You don’t want to discover cracked pipes when you take your RV or camper out next Spring. Flush out all water from the storage tank and pipes by following your RVs owner’s manual. Run antifreeze through the lines. We carry Bypass Kits as well as Winterizing Hand Pumps to help this process go smoothly. Be sure to get the appropriate nontoxic antifreeze for your RV or camper.

3. Remove The RVs Battery

Batteries cannot handle our harsh Canadian winters. Be sure to remove your battery and store it in a warm, dry place for the winter so it holds its charge. Make note not to store the battery on a concrete surface as that can drain the battery. Also remember to disconnect the power supply and any breaker switches. If you use solar panels, be sure those are secured safely away for winter as well.
rv winterizing solar panel

4. Clean & Cover your Air Conditioning

Check and clean your air conditionings filter before storing RV. Adco covers can also be used to protect your AC from the elements. While you’re working outside the RV, clean and dry the awning to prevent moisture build up and mould waiting to be discovered next spring.
adco AC covers

5. Minimize Moisture

While in storage, campers and RVs are notorious for collecting moisture. One thing you can do is periodically use a dehumidifier throughout winter. Also keep your fridge door open while in storage to prevent moisture build up. Of course we also carry a variety or B.E.S.T cleaning products to help manage moisture and mildew before and after the fact, including the Waterproofer spray that creates a water-tight barrier. Safe for all fabrics including Sunbrella. Great for awnings, outdoor furniture, boat covers, clothing, umbrellas, fabrics, or shoes.  
best rv waterproofer

6. Check The Tires

Check the tire pressure as well as the tread. Winter weather can be harsh on the tires, so it’s good practice to check your tires in winter and spring. The change in weather can make the tire pressure fluctuate, and come spring, you may find that cracks have gotten worse. Fill your tires before storing and to protect them from some of the elements such as the sun by covering them. Adco tire covers are available in black and white.
adco rv winterization cover

If you need other products for RV winterizing or have questions, our team, as well as our dealers, can help you find the right RV parts and accessories. We carry a wide range of RV winterization products to keep your camper and RV running for years to come. Looking to find a dealer near you? Or needing information on ordering in bulk if you’re a stocking dealer or manufacturer? Contact our team of associates, we’ll be happy to help.

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