December 14, 2018

Flat Deck Trailer Storage Options

Trying to store everything you need on a flat deck trailer can sometimes be a challenge. Securing small and large items for transport is a necessity but often easier said than done. With the right flat deck trailer storage accessories, it can make loading and unloading from one job to another easier. Maximize the space of your trailer with the right organizational tools. These great trailer storage racks are pre-drilled for quick installation and are durably built to last and secure your valuable equipment.

Backpack Rack

Perfect for backpack blowers, this rack secures the tool inside the trailer and has a built-in locking mechanism to deter theft simply by adding a standard padlock.

Trim Line Rack

A very useful feature, the trim line rack can be bolted to the trailer’s top side rail. The rack can hold a 3 or 5 pound spool of trim line and is built to prevent any unwanted rotation. The trim line feeds through a line keeper to make it easy to use whenever you need it.

3 Place Trimmer Rack

Securely transport trimmers or other long hand tools. Holding up to three items, each level can be secured with one or two locks to deter theft. The locking mechanism on the racks prevents the tools from rotating. The rubber flapper can even be shaped to custom fit your trimmer/tool.

Shovel Holder Kit

The shovel holder kit and trimmer rack tower are the ultimate solutions to store your long-handled tools on your flat deck trailer. With six slots this rack really cleans up the bed of your trailer and truck.

Beverage Cooler Rack

An excellent feature, particularly when working on those long hot summer days. The beverage cooler rack can hold a 3 or 5 gallon cooler and can be attached to a flat deck or enclosed trailer.

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