July 31, 2018

Getting Your Trailer Ready for Summer

Your trailer takes a lot of wear and tear through the winter months.  When transitioning into summer certain trailer maintenance should be completed to ensure your trailer is in good shape and ready to be on the road. 

Trailer Signals, Wiring, and Light Bulbs

It’s important to check the wiring when you hook up to your trailer, there’s nothing like being stuck behind a person hauling a trailer that is turning left on the highway without being able to see their signal. Avoid those hazards by making sure all the signals on the trailer work as well as the brake lights both on the back and sides.

Wash Your Trailer

Your trailer gets a lot of junk thrown at it. From the kick-up from your truck tires, your trailer often gets covered in salt, gravel, and dirt that can lead to deterioration and rust on your trailer, shortening the life span, lowering value, and making your trailer unsafe.

Check the Tires

This often overlooked step is very important. Especially if your trailer has not been used much in the winter, it’s sometimes forgotten to check not only the air pressure but the tire tread as well. The change in weather, especially from our Canadian winters to summers, can change the tire pressure as we go from -30 to the hot asphalt in +30 weather. It’s also good to keep a spare trailer tire with you, and check the tire pressure and tread condition as well.  We do it for our vehicles, why shouldn’t we do that for our trailers too to avoid being stranded on the side of the road, needing to leave our load somewhere?

If your load is uneven it can also cause the tires to wear differently on either side. It’s very important for the stress on your vehicle and your trailer that it is loaded properly, but these things do happen and it’s important to make sure all of the tires are performing properly.

Take out the Grease

Trailer bearings can get stiff after a long winter, so take out the grease and make sure everything is moving the way it should and they are tightened. It’s recommended to re-grease your bearings once a year, depending on the amount you use your trailer throughout the year. After greasing the bearings check the hinges and jacks as well so your trailer is ready for the road.

Give Your Trailer a Thorough Inspection

Being proactive is key to keeping your trailer in good condition. Watch for any potential issues such as rust and wear on and underneath your trailer. Check the safety chains and hitch to ensure everything is snug and attaches correctly when hooking up. And make sure you have the right equipment and trailer for what you’re hauling. Check the maximum weight and load bearing capabilities. Ensure the load is evenly placed on your trailer and don’t forget about the tie down straps.

At National Trailer Parts we have everything you need to keep your trailer performing for years to come. Contact us to find a trailer parts dealer nearest you who can help you find what you need. 

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