August 06, 2018

Matching Trailer Jacks to Trailers

How do you find the right trailer jack for your trailer? Using the wrong jack can wreck your trailer and be a hazard. Matching the correct trailer jack will make it easier to hitch up your trailer, keep it level when not hitched up, and be made for your trailers specific weight and height requirements.

Trailer Coupler Height

One of the first things you want to look at is the height of the coupler on your trailer. While your trailer is level, measure the height where the ball hitch will go, the jack will need to extend at least 4” higher than the coupler so you can backup the ball. The trailer jack then needs to be able to retract enough to avoid hitting the ground if you hit any bumps on the road. Keep in mind if the trailer jack is too long it may not retract enough to clear bumps on the road.

Weight Capacity

On average, the weight that the tongue of the trailer will experience is 15% of the maximum load of your trailer. To determine your trailer jacks weight capacity, look at your trailers maximum weight load and get a trailer jack that can hold a minimum of 15% of that weight. You can go higher than the 15% to be on the safe side as well.

Trailer Style

Typically if you’re looking for more stability, you should look for a jack with feet at the bottom. This will help to distribute the weight a bit more without being at the mercy of a wheel. If your load is lighter a wheel can be handy to move the trailer to hitch onto. Both varieties have powered or manual cranks for raising and lowering the jack.

Another option is the swivel trailer jack. These jacks allow you to instead of lowering the jack fully after hitching on, you can pull the pin to change the jacks position from vertical to horizontal, storing it beside the frame until you’re ready to unhitch.

Trailer Jack Accessories

The trailer jack is just a part of the towing experience. To maximize your trailers durability you may need additional stabilizers and we recommend purchasing a lock for peace of mind that your trailer won’t be stolen while you’re away and your trailer is unhitched.

Have more questions about finding the right trailer jack for your trailer? Contact us and we’ll connect you with the right product and a trailer parts dealer in your area. If you’re a dealer we can recommend the most common trailer jacks to stock and which brands have the best durability in the business. Contact one of our trailer parts associates to find out more.

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