December 14, 2018

Tool Organizers and Storage for your Enclosed Trailer

Your enclosed trailer can be compared to having your own portable shed. And like a shed, when it’s messy it’s hard to get anything done. Organization and storage for your enclosed trailer can help save time and keep valuable tools secure while hauling. Make your trailer the safe, clean and organized space it should be with the perfect trailer accessories for the job.

Six Hook Multi-Tool Rack

A classic and essential piece to have in your enclosed trailer. Strong hooks keep your tools where they should be. With 1000 uses, the multi-tool rack is great for storing extension cords, ropes, tools, or throw your jacket on it.

Single and Two Hook Multi-Tool Rack

A smaller option to the six hook multi-tool rack, with the same functionality. Perfect for hoses, cords, belts or tools.

Fitz-All Ladder Rack

This ladder rack fits all enclosed trailers, whether you have a flat or round roof anywhere between 4’ to 8.5’. The ladder rack mounts on the side and is easy to assemble on your enclosed trailer. Other long objects can be carried on the rack so long as you are able to properly secure them.

Shelf Kit

Install shelves to the front of your trailer that fits perfectly. The shelf kit includes the steel parts to make two shelves, just pick up the lumber needed and you have two very strong shelves for whatever you need. The shelf kit is fully customizable to make the shelves as deep as you like.

Shovel Rack

The shovel rack for enclosed trailers (or really whatever you want to use it for) is an excellent space saver. Durably built, this rack can hold up to six shovels or longhand tools.

Lubrication Rack & Bin

One of the handiest racks for your enclosed trailer. The design allows you to store small tools such as screwdrivers and ratchets on the top as well as aerosol cans on the top rack. The bottom rack is designed to fit a 1-quart oil container but the options are really endless. A great addition to your enclosed trailer to avoid having cluttered items and tools on the floor of your trailer.

Hedge Trimmer / Chainsaw Rack

Great for storing tools with handles. This chainsaw rack includes a bungee cord to secure the tool to the wall of your enclosed trailer. The frame of the rack even protects your trailer from the blade's edge.

Gas Can / Cooler Rack

What enclosed trailer organization system would be complete without a place to put your gas can? Or use it to secure your lunch box, it’s precious cargo after all. Perfectly fits a common 5-gallon gas can and can help to keep it off the floor of your trailer.

Spare Rite Carrier

Whether you need to keep a spare for the trailer, lawn tractor, or towing vehicle, this handy tire rack lets you securely haul spare tires. Extra holders can be purchased and configured to fit your tire sizes or even traffic safety cones. The hook comes out 6” from the wall to give you enough space for storage without getting in the way.

Trim Line Rack

The trim line rack can be added to your enclosed trailer and can hold a 3 or 5 pound spool of trim line and is built to prevent any unwanted rotation. The trim line feeds through a line keeper, making it easy to use whenever you need it.

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