Who We Are

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Our People

From the time your call is answered your company employs the service of National Trailer Part's complete team of experienced professionals.

Our sales department is more than just an order desk. We have the experience, the technical resources, and the knowledge of current trends and regulations that make your choices easy.

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Until now, finding the correct, dependable trailer parts required too many people, a great deal of effort, and a substantial amount of capital. These resources are better spent on building trailers and taking care of your customers. Our friendly, knowledgeable and highly qualified people provide your company with exactly what your needs are, saving you time & money, and letting you concentrate on what you do best.

Murry McBlain Delivery Driver

The Team

Keith Brown Founder & General Manager  
National Trailer Parts Team
Ryan Bull OEM Sales ryan@trailerparts.ca
National Trailer Parts Team
Sheldon Dyck Aftermarket & OEM Sales sheldon@trailerparts.ca
National Trailer Parts Team
Wes Popoff Aftermarket & OEM Sales wes@trailerparts.ca
National Trailer Parts Team
Doug Hall Senior Sales Executive doug@trailerparts.ca
National Trailer Parts Team
Rick Penner Outside Sales - SK and AB rick@trailerparts.ca
National Trailer Parts Team
Grant Sokal Outside Sales - MB and BC grant@trailerparts.ca
National Trailer Parts Team
Mike Heschel Director of Sales, Marketing & Operations mike@trailerparts.ca
National Trailer Parts Team
Bob Donnelly Warehouse Foreman bob@trailerparts.ca
National Trailer Parts Team
Scott Mueller Supply Chain Manager scott@trailerparts.ca
National Trailer Parts Team
Carol Lee Isley Bookkeeping Manager carollee@trailerparts.ca
National Trailer Parts Team
Alanna Getz Office Manager alanna@trailerparts.ca
National Trailer Parts Team
Darryn Fehr Digital Marketing Coordinator darryn@trailerparts.ca
National Trailer Parts Team
Murray McBlain Delivery Driver  
National Trailer Parts Team
Darryl Deobald Delivery Driver  
National Trailer Parts Team

Our Procedures

National Trailer Parts Warehouse focuses on our commitment to the customer and by providing the best possible product with the best possible service. National Trailer Parts is committed to filling your order quickly and accurately.

Our people make you their #1 priority.

Our mission does not end with the order being filled, we do not rest until the product is in your hands!

We consistently follow up with our customers to guarantee that every detail is in order, and that we have either met or exceeded our customer's expectation.

Sourcing product can be an enormous undertaking. Keeping track of suppliers alone can be a full time job. We have a staff of experienced purchasers who are constantly ensuring that the latest components are available to our customers.

National Trailer Parts has the Sourcing connections that allow you to simply let us know what you need, and we supply it. it is our goal to supply a comprehensive selection of all your manufacturing and repair requirements in a timely fashion at competitive prices.

We keep an excellent stock of components on hand, and ready to ship when you need them. Our experienced staff ensures accuracy and expedience.


Our goal is to provide consistent, cost effective supply for our customers. Our products carry the best warranties in the industry — So should yours!